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Hello Mr. Pacula,

I've just read through your review of the Vitus MP-D201 DAC from six years ago. (!)

I just want to confirm with you (if you can recollect) that this DAC can be purchased without any sort of volume control.

Reading the Vitus Owner's Manual is unfortunately a bit confusing, whereas your reviews generally are not, hence my asking you directly.

Being rather simple-minded, I prefer my DAC to just be a DAC and to leave volume control in the hands of a capable linestage – such as the MP-L201.

I prefer not to be even compelled to "bypass" or "turn off" such devices. I just prefer them not to be there, at all...

Thanks for your time.

Keep up the great reviews.

Dear Laurence,

I more than agree – I always use good, separate linestage. Regarding your asking – yes, volume module is optional and it can be take out of the signal – you have to ask your Vitus dealer how to do it. If not, it always is somewhere in the signal, even if it is some relays, you know…

Anyway – you have a bloody good DAC :)

Thanks for your comments and take care,
Wojciech Pacula