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No. 150 November 2016


When: Nov. 4-6th.2016
Where: same locations as a year ago, i.e. National Stadium, Sobieski and Golden Tulip Hotels.

Friday Nov 4th 2016: 14.00 - 20.00 (Please notice that the Show opens earlier than last year!)
Saturday Nov 5th 2016: 10.00 - 20.00
Sunday Nov 6th 2016: 10.00 - 18.00


ast month, in October, the 150th issue of „High Fidelity” magazine was released. Our magazine was founded in 2004 and it is the oldest Polish on-line magazine and one of the oldest in the world, too. It is also one of the most recognizable in our country and abroad. The biggest audio magazines: Enjoy The, and cooperate with us.

As a As a longtime media partner of the Audio Show - now Audio Video Show – High Fidelity during each of its editions prepare several unusual events designed to educate and entertain people who come to visit the Show. This year we have three things for visitors.

The first one is, traditionally, a printed version of our cover review of the November issue. This time we present a unique Compact Disc player, prepared recently by the German company Audionet, called Planck. As it turns out, this format is capable of delivering an absolute high-end sound. Even in comparison with the high-resolution files it proves that if something is carefully thought-through and properly executed, the results can be simply amazing. You will receive the printed version of this test together with the Show's catalog. Please treat it as a nice souvenir.

The second action is the result of our cooperation with the presently most sought after Polish mastering engineer, Grammy Award winner, the man who's been remastering a whole catalog of Polish Jazz, Jacek Gawłowski. It will be a meeting of the Krakow Sonic Society, during which Jacek will talk about the his work, present high resolution files of the recordings we know only from the CDs. He shall talk also about a relations between the world of professional audio and consumer audio and try to answer the question: why there is such a deep division between them. Credit for making this presentation possible goes to the Ayon Audio and its Polish distributor, Nautilus. Gerhard Hirt, the owner, of Ayon Audio will represent his company and will also present his latest products – a new file player and SACD player.

The Ayon Audio S-10 Files Player is a direct successor of the most popular Ayon's streamer, the S-3. Austrians have used the latest SDK 820 streaming platform of Stream Unlimited, which will be used by more than 85% of high-end streamer manufacturers. Interestingly, the modular design allows customers to order the S-10 in several configurations, and at the same time it is very easy to upgrade one after purchase. Among the available options there is, among other things, an integration with Tidal service. It is also Roon-ready.

Last but not least – some fun - a competition prepared together with Pylon Audio. As you could have read in October's issue, a special version of the Pylon Audio Emerald High Fidelity with a value of 8000 PLN will be the price. The contest is open to anyone who at the Audio Video Show will find posters and banners placed in different places and hotels with 2016 issues' covers of "High Fidelity" (12 pieces). Just take a photo of each of them and submit them to email address: You can find all the details in our magazine. To give you a hint – look for them in rooms of the manufacturers/distributors of the products displayed on our covers. And already on November 16th you will find our coverage of the Show in our magazine.


A year ago on Friday Audio Video Show was open only from 16.00 to 20.00, so the visitors were only 4 hours – a bit short to call it a full day. This year's show starts at 14.00, so we have not 4, but 6 hours at our disposal, which is almost the same as on Sunday and long enough to make it worth coming even from outside of Warsaw. And I believe it makes sense to come already on Friday, if only to do a reconnaissance on what to see and what to listen to later on, and not to waste time on that on Saturday. There are over 160 rooms this year, and there is simply no physical possibility to see everything, listen to everything, even if you spent whole three days on the Show.

Perhaps it makes sense to buy a 45 PLN ticket, which costs only 15 PLN more than a one-day ticket - and be able to enter the Show on all three days. You can buy tickets, just like a year ago, online on organizer's website, not to waste time in line to buy tickets on site. Another useful facility is a special application for smartphones that will help you navigate the Show (Audio Video Show application is available in Google Play and Apple's App Store).

Trust me – you should definitely come to Warsaw, especially because it is the 20th Anniversary of the Show!!!
Moreover, according to the organizer, although last year's event set several new records, this year it will be even greater. If you need a further convincing see the data below.

Audio Video Show 2015 (an increase compared to 2014)

  • 140 exhibitors (+28%),
  • over 450 brands (+11%),
  • 179 rooms and stands (+52%),
  • 11 314 visitors (+39%),
  • over 70 managers representing foreign manufacturers,
  • over 120 representatives of Polish audio-video shops from whole country.

This year some well known but long not seen corporations will join the Show, such as: JVC (projectors) and Bang & Olufsen. The latter will present their top loudspeakers BeoLab 90. Just like last year, we will have a separate area for headphones aficionados. This is sort of "show inside the Show" - the one place you can see and test products of more than 50 manufacturers, starting from those that cost 200 PLN and ending with the most expensive models, including the latest, costing 250 thousand PLN Sennheiser Orpheus HV-1 ..


Sennheiser Orpheus

Polish distributor of SENNHEISER - APPLAUSE - confirmed that during the Show visitors will be invited to listen to the world's most expensive headphones, ORPHEUS HE1. Costing nearly 250 000 PLN HE1 system had its Polish, closed premiere in March 2016 in Zachęta, but only during Audio Video Show 2016 everyone will be able to find out how it sounds (PGE National Stadium, Room 141).

NAIM Statement

Among the most expensive system presented at this year's exhibition one will find the 800 000 PLN NAIM Statement amplifier. NAIM Statement consists of three towers, each weighing around 100 kg - the NAC S1 preamplifier and NAP S1 monoblocks. It was designed following the principle of "no compromise" – perhaps that is why it aspires to the best amplifier on Earth. A production process of one entire system takes about a month. This system will be presented together with Monitor Audio PL500II loudspeakers, and Naim's streamer will be used as a source(PGE National Stadium, room 211).

Cabasse La Sphere TCA

This year during AVS we will see the European launch of the Cabasse La Sphere TCA loudspeakers. The legendary design in the shape of a sphere, hides the best solutions developed by French engineers of this company, the new version is even more sophisticated. This costing more than 700 000 PLN product will be presented by Christophe Cabasse (PGE National Stadium, Studio TV2).

Wilson Audio Alexx

The American loudspeakers manufacturer belongs to the elite hi-end-makers club. Their latest product is called Alexx, and it is a successor to the Maxx 3 model. When creating Alexx manufacturer used several solutions developed for the top model, Alexandria XLF. Alexx will play with the latest Dan D'Agostino Momentum M400 mono amplifiers and the top MSB DAC Select II as a source. Vinyl fans will enjoy the performance of the Spiral Groove SG1.2 turntable accompanied by Dan D'Agostino Momentum phonostage. This will be one of the most expensive systems presented at the Audio Video Show - its price will exceed 2 million PLN (PGE National Stadium, Studio TV3).

Marantz 10 Series – Polish premiere of the reference system

Marantz has created PM10 amplifier and SA10 CD player, which will soon replace their, soon twelve-year old, legendary predecessors. The new 10 series has been designed and tuned by long-term Marantz brand ambassador, Ken Ishiwata, and consists of an integrated amplifier, PM10 and a CD player with USB DAC - SA10. This setup will be presented during regular listening sessions, which will be ran by a special guest representing the Marantz brand, Rainer Finck (Hotel Radisson Blu Sobieski Gallery I, ground floor).

B&W 800D3

The 800 D3 loudspeakers premiered during this years High End Show in Munich. The new 800s are a result of seven years of refining every detail in order to make the best speakers even better. The latest B&W 800D3 will be presented in the company of Pass Labs electronics (PGE National Stadium, room 105).

Martin Logan Expression ESL13A

Who has not had a chance yet to experience the unique sound of electrostatic loudspeakers, this year has a chance to listen to the latest model of the company whose name is synonymous with electrostatic designs. I mean the Martin Logan brand and their Expression ESL 13A from Masterpiece series - powerful panels emitting sound both forward and backward, using their entire surface. Dynamic drivers in ventilated cabinets support panels when it come to delivering well extended bass. Compared to regular loudspeakers Expression ESL 13A are like a space shuttle (Hotel Radisson Blu Sobieski, room Belvedere 2).

Vivid Audio Giya G2

The characteristic housing of Giya models hides sophisticated acoustic solutions. If these speakers remind you of famous "snails" – B&W Nautilus – you are right, because both designs were created by the same man - Laurence Dickie. The G2 housings are curved on each side, so there is no need for excessive amounts of reinforcements between the bottom and the top of the speaker. It was even possible to build such a complex, yet homogeneous housings, thanks to the use of castings and composites vacuum laminated. The Giya G2 will be presented with a complete Ypsilon system - PST100 mk2 preamp, Aelius II monoblocks , CDT-100 transport and DAC-100 (PGE National Stadium, room 205).


FM Acoustics

FM Acoustics is one of the most expensive and most exclusive brands in the audio industry. The brand is rarely presented at shows and its devices don't get reviewed too often either, so the take this rare opportunity and come to Audio Video Show to listen to FMA products. At the exhibition a complete FMA system will be presented, consisting of the 266 MKII RC preamplifier featuring an “acoustic resonance compensation”, 223 phonostage, 711 mk II monoblocks and XS II B loudspeakers. The system will be supported by two sources highest quality sources - MSB DAC Select II and Vertere Acoustics turntable (Golden Tulip, room Tulip 1).

MBL 101E mk 2

One of the most interesting events at this year's Audio Show will undoubtedly be the presentation of the MBL 101E mk2 loudspeakers. These unusual omnidirectional speakers will play with MBL 9008A Reference Series monoblocks, MBL 6010 preamplifier, MBL 1521 DAC and MBL 1511 transport. All elements of the system will be connected using Tara Labs cables, including the famous The Zero Evolution interconnects and The Omega Evolution speaker cables (PGE National Stadium, room 206).

Metronome Technologie Kalista

Koris invites you to the world premiere of the Metronome Technologie Kalista CD Turntable transport and Kalista DAC. This, costing close to 350 000 PLN, two-box CD Player apparently sounds like a turntable. The presentation will be ran personally by the CEO of Metronome Technologie - Mr. Jean Marie Clauzel. You will find a review of this system in the December issue of "High Fidelity" (PGE National Stadium, room 224).

Goebel / CH Precision

Those who visit High End Show in Munich, know what to expect. A top-class premiere at Audio Video Show :) The system will include Goebel Epoque Fine loudspeakers and CH-Precision electronics: A1 amplifiers, L1 Preamp, D1 SACD transport, C1 D / A Converter, two external X1 power supplies. Melco N1ZS will be used a transport for music files. All cables will be provided by Lacorde Statement (Golden Tulip, Krokus room).

Paradigm Persona

The Polish premiere of the Paradigm Persona series loudspeakers will be take place in the Belvedere II room of the Radisson Blu hotel. Designed using finite element analysis, Persona is the latest top line of the renown Canadian producer. The loudspeakers of this series feature beryllium tweeters and housings made of 7 layers of wood in a shape following one of a lute. The top model, 9H, is promoted using slogan: "loudspeaker worth 100 000 USD, available for just 35 000 USD"

Accuphase DP-950/DC-950

The Japanese Accuphase rarely presents a new model of its flagship CD/SACD source. This year visitors to AVS will witness a premiere of the latest model called DP/DC-950. The player will be presented in a setup consisting of Avantgarde Acoustic Duo loudspeakers in the latest XD version and Avantgarde Acoustic XA amplifier (PGE National Stadium, room 210).

Nomos Audio Vintage

The JBL B 460 subwoofer from the 1970ties will be presented in the Nomos Audio Vintage room. It will be connected to the power amplifiers via a dedicated JBL BX 63 crossover together with JBL TI 250loudspeakers in their first and best American version. The loudspeakers will be powered by the Phase Linear. As the source they will use the Lenco L75 by NOMOS turntable (that we hosted on the September's cover of "High Fidelity" magazine) and also the Empire turntable.


Secrets of the Analogue

Lovers of vinyl record will be delighted to learn that Wally Malewicz is going to visit the Show once more. He is a world-renowned expert on analog turntables from the United States. Mr. Malewicz will deliver lectures on the dying art of the correct cartridge setup. (Hotel Radisson Blu Sobieski, Wilanów III room)

Piotr Metz & The Beatles

For this year's Audio Video Show Voice has prepared a real treat for fans of The Beatles: you will have a chance to listen to the Magical Mystery Tour album played of an analog tape. The Studer A807 will be used for the presentation of a super-rare first copy of the master tape of this album (it is the copy that was used to press analogue records off, so it takes us one more step closer to the original recording). Unbelievably analog sound allows listeners to re-discover this musical material. In addition, the biggest Beatles fan and expert in Poland, Mr. Piotr Metz, will talk abut the music and the band. There will be as many as five presentations, so each and every Beatles fan should find one that suits his/hers schedule! (PGE National Stadium, Studio TV2)

Secrets of D/A Converters

Rob Watts is the living legend of the digital audio. He is a founder of Deltec and dpa companies, and for several years now he's been associated with the Chord company. He is the man behind bestselling D/A Converters, Chord Hugo and Dave. His designs with their technological sophistication were always ahead of their times. During Audio Video Show he will deliver lectures in English on the design of D/A Converters. (PGE National Stadium, Studio TV2)

We'd like to invite all "High Fidelity" Readers, their friends, friends of the friends and perfect strangers too. This is the best place to find out what drives music lovers who demand from their devices more than just a modulated noise.


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