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Close Encounters of the THIRD Kind


ravel broadens the mind, but not all travels. When I'm in Krakow, Wroclaw, or Warsaw I am always accompanied by a crowds of foreign tourists. A colorful crowd of Italians, Spanish, Japanese people and ... fortunately or not, but also subjects of the Queen Mother of the British Isles. What are all these people doing in Poland? Why they arrive to us from the remotest corners of the world, often beautiful and exotic, where, basically, they have everything within reach? What brought their here? And the answer is simple! Curiosity ... (on the motivation of the most of "Brits" I skip the veil of silence).

It doesn’t matter that most of this tourists were already "everywhere". Arrival in Krakow, Polish "eternal city", where for centuries the world of east and west mixed, the city of the legendary Wawel Dragon and Oriental Hobby Horse, is simply, for example, to the Japanese as attractive and "exotic" as a trip to Japan for a Pole. These people are able to "sacrifice" their vacation to arrive to the "Rainy land", to get to know different culture, to see new places, to visit monuments and museums, to try different types of cuisine, in one word just to broaden their knowledge, their horizons, to make more wrinkles on their brains.

Someone who saw half the world, who visited hundreds of museums, met other cultures, other looking at the same problem, someone who tasted the dishes of different national cuisines, who sniffed different "herbs" and let's assume flowers, that kind of man can say that he does not like something ...! Because he can rationally justified his opinion having many points of comparison and reference. In another case an expression " I don't like it" is worth as much as an expression, I beg a pardon, “I have to go to the toilet”!

Well, yes, but maybe I went a little too far, is it so sure that a trip to Japan is for our statistical compatriot such an attraction ...? Travelling, let's be honest and straight is tiring! And this individual and on their own, even very ... It requires planning, you have to prepare to a trip, to read something (!!) about the places you want to visit, you have to drive a car the whole day and you can not drink! The hell ..., holidays are not there to bother! A Pole is tired, even exhausted. First, he must WORK ...!. But thank God he has a broadcast "Thank God It's Friday" and the commercial radio stations which count down days and hours to the holy weekend, which is the light in the long tunnel, from Monday ..

Secondly, the pole stands in the traffic jams, but be honest he has the car so he will not go to work by bus or by bike. Besides, after all, "city of Warsaw is not the village to ride a bike through it". Moreover, journey by public means of transport is also tiring. Thirdly, the Pole has children, and this is, supposedly, very, very tiring. And "just as you will have your own children, you will see for yourself how it is ...!" Well, I can only persist in the belief that people in Japan doesn't work, and that the view of the Italian or Spanish tourists in Krakow, with two children in strollers is only a mirage ...

Or maybe Poles are simply lazy ... ???! No ... not at all, after all we are the Christ of the Nations (A.Mickiewicz "Forefathers' Eve"), or Winkelried of the Nations (J. Słowacki "Kordian"). Poles just appreciate the quality and "they deserve it". That's why when our "homie" is going to buy his vacation the key word, even the skeleton key, is a small, innocent "all inclusive" posted on the front of the offer. It is the guarantee of a good holiday in decent conditions…

To laze in the sun all day on the exclusive sun loungers, by the very clean swimming pool at the resort. To sip sublime drinks made with local whiskey with the local cola, having the opportunity to taste the local specialties of a five-star restaurant, three times a day as much as possible, provided that this is chicken and chips. Disco till dawn, vomiting in the bushes and, above all, "animator", which takes the children for a whole day to give them the same sublime pastimes like their parents are given. All the elements are necessary for vacations to be successful. And this is all we need to vaunt our friends, with honor and raised head, how good we have spent time.

Pole on holiday feels hunger of foreign cultures too. "Night Turkish, Turkish Night" for 30 euro per person brings him closer, in a professional and authoritative way, to culture and traditions of a region. The "knowledge" gained during this sessions is used in practice on the surrounding bazaar, where Pole buys Ray Ban sunglasses, Omega watches and handbags from DG, confirming by the way the conviction about the natives who dare to bargain with him, which is undignified and tiring ...

It's hard not to be proud of our famous polish tradition of noble, Sarmatian when "During the reign of King Sas, eat, drink and let go of the belt..." Ordinary, sixteenth, seventeenth-century manor house looked like an all-inclusive resort in Hurghada, with vomitory in a central location, and the deputies sent by the king with news of state arrives late after a few months. No one was in no hurry, because Poland long and wide as the eye can see ....
Nobody can tell me that in exploring the world, and especially Europe bothered lack of money. I know people who, in the manner described above, do not spend their holidays in Turkey or Egypt, but for example in Thailand. They spend tens of thousands of zlotys, or rather they throw them in the mud ... but rather in monsoon season... they do not drive there!


As you can see introduction again has nothing to do with the subject of the article and the profile of the magazine, nothing at all. Button truth- all, I emphasize, all human activity is driven by one, incredible strength - curiosity. Even those who argue to the contrary, that sex drive pulls man (read: male) to push forward, at the end they will agree with the theory that the specimen was just curious how another woman, than wife, looks when she takes out the laundry from the washing machine... I feel just the opposite way, which was not once and not twice expressed in "High Fidelity", that the average so-called internet user, not the audiophiles have a small penises. because small penises have those who most suspect others of it .

The audiophile is by nature inquisitive, thanks to this he became himself. Also, out of necessity, because in his search for a system that in the best possible way will approach him to the sound occurring in nature, he will be digging and will be sniffing and will be checking and comparing, and so it goes, until he will get tired, or will be deaf with age. These features, in my humble opinion, are evidence of excess of testosterone rather than its absence. Or maybe all those Internet forum participants, wankers, because so unfortunately we should call all those who write about things that they have never experienced (haven't touched) other than through monitor glass, maybe they mistook hormon, which they have in abundance? Gentlemen, excess of progesterone is leaking through your ears!

Believe me, it's worth to travel far from home in a warm or cold countries. It's worth to see a piece of the world, to listen to a few systems in a million, even if only in showroom, to drive fast sport cars on Nordschleife, even if only the are rented. It's worth to do for any money, because thanks to that our only adventure with foreign cultures won't be an exotic panga with french fries on a plastic plate on the Polish coast, our only experience with the speed won't be a repeat of Top Gear or computer game, and our only window on the world won't be a TV-set. When you will put all this things into your luggage of life experiences, dear Internet users, you won't tweedle stupid things on the forums, which clearly are your only chance that "someone" can hear you...

We also decided to expand our horizons a little bit. In addition, as it is already (phew ...) the last test of length, what generally leads to some recapitulation, we thought that this could be done in a special way. And now it will be something of the drama (in terms of form as in Shakespeare, not the content as in the Greeks ).

I called Roger Adamek:
- Zoo, I'm listening ...?
- Hello, I want to speak to gorilla, cage number six.
- Gorilla is out
- But he's out or he's down ...?
- He went out, that went down! Down he went I mean!

And that's how, generally look serious business conversation, anyway the effect was that on the last episode the length test "eagle has landed" in the RCM company showroom in Katowice.


Just as in the previous edition of Close Encounters of the FIRST and SECOND Kind, where we dealt with the influence of the length of the IC, and power cords on the sound system, now we decided to examine this aspect but with the speaker cables. And again we met with a very cordial response from cables producers and distributors . Just as in the previous test we made sure that the tested pairs of wires were basked, or not basked at all. Differences in the sound of my system after connecting various power cables was the same as in the previous test of interconnects simply "dramatic".
After listening in Katowice, at the headquarters of the RCM, of course I could not stop my curiosity and I decided to check everything again in my home system. And I've got for their - surprisingly, for some cables, findings were the opposite of these from the system prepared by Roger Adamek! But one after another.


1. HELUKABEL HELUSound 2x2,5mm2, 2m i 4m
2. SLINKYLINKS 2,5m i 3m
3. SUPRA QUADRAX 2m i 3m


  • Alexandra Sumorok – Ph.D technical sciences, art historian and specialist in the field of Stalinist Architecture and Art of Socialist Realism period. Like most women, she is not interested in audio equipment. With the greatest pleasure she likes to listen to ... silence, which is very rare in our house... ;-). Hereinafter referred to as AS.
  • Marek Moczkowski – IT manager, electronics and short-wave radio fan. With audio equipment he has rather little to do, but he likes to listen. He takes part in my "testing" of a new equipment from the moment when I bought in the 90’s my first CD player. It means from the very beginning! Mark was always "good" in physics; hereinafter referred to as MM.
  • Witek Kamiński – architect; hereinafter referred to as WK.
  • Unspecified being called in dead language-Latin "Spirtus" (rctified spirit), located in different concentrations in beverages which man must drink in order to maintain vital functions of the body ... It hasn’t directly expressed an opinion about the sound, but had a definite effect (purely scientific) on ours ...


  • Amplifier: LUXMAN L-507s
  • Digital source: SACD YAMAHA CD-S2000
  • Analog source: PRO-JECT RPM-5.1/ORTOFON 2M BLUE, Custom Version One
  • Loudspeakers: VIENNA ACOUSTICS Beethoven Baby Grand
  • Power cords: SUPRA LoRad 2.5 MkII
  • Interconnect SUPRA EFF-I/NEUTRIK XLR
  • Interconnect (turntable) VDH D-103 MKII
  • Speaker cables VDH THE REVELATIONS


  • Preamplifier: VITUS AUDIOSP-102
  • Power amplifier: VITUS AUDIO MP-S-102


  • Carmen McRay, Live At Birdland West, Concorde Jazz;
  • Gustaw Mahler, Symphony no. 6, B.F. Claudio Abbado – DG;
  • Gustaw Mahler, Symphony no. 2, W.P. Gilbert Kaplan – DG.
  • Rachmaninov, Symphonic Dances, LSO, A. Previn; EMI Angel Master Series, DMM (1975-77);
  • The Trumpet Summit meets The Oscar Peterson big 4, Pablo Records (1980);
  • Beethoven, Symphony nr 2 in D major, P.Ch.P.O., Wojciech Rajski, “Tube Only”; TACET 180 g, (2007).


1. HELUKABEL HELUSound 2 m i 4 m
MM: Shorter length, relative to longer, played the sound of subdued and muted. The soundstage was narrower and seemed "blended". There was no precision in the positioning of instruments. Four meter section generally improved all aspects of sound, it played much better sound. The musical instruments clearly clarified, a bass appeared which was nicely stretched and sounding.
WK: In general I agree with this opinion, so not much I can add. Four meters played less dry and scratchy. The instruments sounded better and the sound was better stretched.

2. SLINKYLINKS 2,5 m i 3 m
MM and WK: To our surprise we can write together ... Two and a half meters presented much faster and more detailed sound. The tonal balance shifted slightly upwards caused that the instruments and vocals were more sparkling. The presentation was livelier and more energetic. It was accompanied by cool stereophony and the "lightness" of the sound but not in the sense of the weakness of lower registers, but in the form of detachment the sound from the speakers. Three meters showed a narrower, but deeper soundstage. Sound a little slowed down and lost its spontaneity of the shorter section, but in exchange for this has become more "serious" and authoritative.

3. SUPRA QUADRAX 2 m i 3 m
MM: Shorter showed a high degree of precision in the presentation of musical events. The instruments were very well separated from each other. The sound was fast and energetic. Longer section was equally precise, but seemed a little slower.
WK: For me also shorter played faster and more transparently. It showed more air on the sound stage and around the instruments. Longer cables was a little slower and less detailed but more dignified. It's like it was more focused on the whole event than on its various aspects.

4. ORGANIC ORIGINAL 2,5 m i 4 m
MM: I do not want to (lazy-colleague again, see the other tests) analyze too much difference between lengths of these cables, because both are playing great! I can only give my completely irrational opinion that if I had to choose I'd buy the longer one. Once they are connected, the "equipment" began to tell a story about the music bewitched in the black record...!
WK: Keep in mind that these are the most expensive cables in our comparison, and the price difference is very significant. I also think that both played great, and a telling the differences between them is not pointing out their weak points in the strict sense, as it can not be told that a car that accelerates in 3 seconds to hundreds is slower than the one that does the same in 2.9. ..! I recall it to illustrate the scale ... If I could choose these cables for myself (charm of dreams ;-)) I would definitely choose the longer! The location and sounding of instruments were better. They were better separated from each other on stage at the same time the sound was very consistent, smooth and coherent. Such a sublime combination of sweet and bitter, or simply natural sound that is as well dynamic and retail as smooth and pastel in the same time - or so I hear ...


1. HELUKABEL HELUSound 2 m i 4 m
AS: Longer cables played a lot better. It was faster, louder and had more air. The instruments were better isolated from each other, their sound was longer and more accurate. The sound was less dull, there was better bass and its control. The vocals were without disturbing and unnatural sibilants.
WK: Generally, I think so too. I will add that the longer cables had better control over the sound as a whole. For example, in the loud parts of the orchestra, where a lot of instruments play in the same moment, there was not a mess!

2. SLINKYLINKS 2,5 m i 3 m
AS: Shorter cables sounded louder, clearer, better articulated and resonant sound. The scene was wider. The sound was a little more shrill than in the longer which played quieter. Both lengths were very much alike!
WK: I think the same. 2.5 meters is a louder sound with more dynamics, better power, better and stronger bass. There is more details and the air in them, the sound is more filled and less shrill. The vocals are closer and more natural. However, this length is compared to three meters more "jumpy". Maybe the longer cable showed less, but he did it in more sophisticated way! It played calmer and with a truly English distance.

3. SUPRA QUADRAX 2 m i 3 m
AS: Longer Supra cables presented a larger space, the scene was wider and deeper than in the shorter ones. In addition, the instruments sounded longer and more accurate with more details.
WK: The two-meter tonal balance was raised slightly up, which was accompanied by general tendency to favor the edges of the sound ranges. In the longer wires both of these features have disappeared without a trace! The balance between sound ranges came back what definitely had a positive impact on improving the timbre of sound. Longer cables sounded louder, more powerful, with more air and details. The instruments sounded longer and more thoroughly. I think that it mainly happened through the midrange, which I liked very much, they were louder and more exposed than in shorter wires.


Finally, we came to the end of the three-part story with the cables. Conclusions, as always, I leave to the readers. It seems to me that this is the best solution, as everyone has his own senses. I just tried to show how complex and sensitive organism is a sound system and what a significant changes can make such a "small" piece of the puzzle as the length of the cable.
During the construction of own sound equipment, do not forget about any element through which current flows. From the smallest fuse to the large amplifiers weighing several hundred kilos. And above all, remember that the devil generally is in the details. As Roger Adamek proved to us while listening in Katowice, everything can affect the quality of sound. Wiping speaker terminals with "magic" duster, stripping them of their electric charges, installing a small ring on the power cord plug, or even stronger or weaker terminals tightening of the speaker cables. The best part is, unlike the comments on Internet forums, that all these seemingly insignificant "bits and pieces" are supported by the science known as physics. The only problem is that the majority of people during physics lessons played football on the pitch.

What fascinates me the most in the audio business is, on the contrary to chess game, its endlessness. An audiophile searching for the perfect sound has an endless possibilities. Audiophilism is therefore not a religion, because it does not give any promise, gives no solace, no provision for a "happy ending" and does not forgive - even a poorly fitted cable. An audiophile is alone in the universe, suspended in a void of own thoughts and research. The only thing you can do is to lurk for a while to just crank up again at a frantic gallop to nowhere.

The only constant is the EXPERIENCE gained during hundreds hours of listening to music. An audiophile is therefore like a sailor who ten thousand years ago set sail driven by curiosity and a desire to reach the unreachable horizon. He had never reached the destination, but thanks to the experience of the journey discovered the whole world.


It is not a coincidence that well known to all researchers history of human expansion into the blue planet began about ten thousand years b. c.. The man came out, or rather suddenly jumped, from the Paleolithic era, where he led a rather sedentary tribal lifestyle, and immediately jumped into the deep end of the Neolithic era. This metaphor has the literal meaning. It's about invention of sailing. At these times the human being didn’t know the wheel, so the conquering the land took ages (and not only from today's perspective). Only the bravest individuals by using the primitive boats were able to traverse unimaginable spaces and distances.

I think this achievement was comparable to leaving our galaxy nowadays, which is still far in the realm of "entertainment" s-f stories like this about the Pilot Pirx by Stanislaw Lem. The world has opened. It began amalgamate and permeate the culture of different levels of science and technology advancement, with different habits and customs, beliefs. This affected the development of trade, and then the development of merchants, economy and then the investment, like construction. From that moment the first major human society, not tribal, started to form.

There has been also noticed the development of agriculture. Moreover, human beings began to mix genetic material differently than they did it before, within three adjacent villages. This one, simple invention of a curious chap (or rather group of man because as the archaeological research shows the same thought-invention appeared in the same time at different places), who got up every morning, then when had the morning coffee was wondering what was beyond he sees on the horizon, caused a twitch of the colossus, which, once set in motion led to the creation of the world as we know it today!

It is not a coincidence that the sailors were for millennia the elite. The heroic acts were attributed to them, they were worshiped and lauded in legends (for example, a Greek Argonauts - means from greek -'Argonautai' from 'Argo' - fast, 'nautai' - sailors). It is not a coincidence that the port cities were cosmopolitan centers of vibrant multicultural and multilingual crowd, which freely mingled various trends and ideas. And It is not a coincidence that Christopher Columbus was born in Genova, not, for example in Colmar, where to this day most of the hotel staff speaks in any language.... provided it is French.

It's difficult to say what changes will bring the era of computers and mass information. However, this unfortunately pervasive phenomenon became a way of life, which, in my opinion, is very dangerous. Are we richer in experience or do we know more thanks to the possibility of reaching the most remote, exotic and inaccessible corner of the world in front of a computer screen, tablet, television? Does this fact of surfing the “world” net make us a travelers? I think it does not. Such perception of world events, including the acquisition of "knowledge" and "experience", makes us ignorant, not the Argonauts. We know that the the bell is ringing but we do not know "in which church."

The ease and speed of acquisition of "experience" and "knowledge" caused the we stopped respect them.. We begin to read only the "headlines" because there is sill waiting for us another exciting “news”. We begin to be satisfied with short and laconic information. We begin to live in the virtual world and that means not only 'false', but - worse - 'incomplete'! That caused stripping us of the vast amount of experience and only by the adding the small part of “experience” all together we can get closer to the truth and complete knowledge (see the mechanism of aesthetic experience). Instead of sightseeing and experiencing the word, we can "see" it on the Google maps, instead of dating, we can use social networking sites, instead of cooking, we can watch cookery programs, and last but not least, instead of listening to music we can read what someone wrote about it on the forum. Soon relation and exchanging the information between people will rely on the fact that everyone will be writing about things which were not seen, not heard, not sniffed, not touched, not tried.

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like from the perspective of a snail? It seems to us very boring - snail recognize it very slowly, but we do not appreciate how deeply! I suggest to those who, for example, drive very often the same road and think that they know it almost by heart, to go this distance on foot. You will be surprised then how many new incentives and new sensations this walk will offer. Only then you will notice how little you knew about the world, the path you had taken every day and watched through the windows of the car.

I deeply regret that I can not wait every month for the new printed issue of "High Fidelity". I regret that I can not get it from the newsstand, chat with the shopkeeper and maybe discover then that we share the same interests. I regret that I can not take the magazine home, feel the smell of paper and ink, hear the rustle of sheets that I can not sit with the magazine in a chair and listen to music. All the rest would be then “only” an "icing on the cake" ...

A new element joined my system. Sennheiser HD 580 headphones are restored and modified by Mr. Robert:

We are grateful to Roger Adamek and the whole team of the RCM, for the invitation us to their new showroom in Katowice.

SLINKYLINKS cables supplied for testing by distributor:
ORGANIC cables supplied for testing by distributor:
HELUSound cables supplied for testing by manufacturer:
SUPRA cables supplied for testing by distributor: