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Salena Jones Ballads With LUV

Label: JVC/Lasting Impression Music, LIM K2HD 042
Details: disc made of 99,9999% silver, reissue
Released: 1987/2009
Sound director: Tomiharu Iyobe/Takeshi „Hakkaman” Hakamata
Producer: Selena Jones, Noriko Lida i Tadao Tokoro/Winston Ma
Recording place: SUONOIM, Tokyo, Japan
Date of recording: 1987

Remastering: Takeshi „Hakkaman” Hakamata, Victor Entertainment, Japan

Format: K2HD, silver-CD

Text: Wojciech Pacuła
Translation: Marek Dyba

Track list:

1. Did You Know
2. And I Love You So
3. Feelings
4. You Light Up My Life
5. Bridge Over Troubled Water
6. The Way We Were
7. My Everyday
8. I Can See Clearly Now
9. Playing A Game
10. My Way

The real name of Salena Jones is Joan Elizabeth Shaw. She started her adventure with singing at the age of 15. At the time she was a huge fan of jazz vocalist Sarah Vaughan and an opera diva Lena Horne. Joan's ambitions were bigger than just imitating other singers. She tried to create her own, easily recognized style, that was supposed to incorporate best features taken from Sarah and Lena – that's where her stage name Sa-Lena comes from. She also modified Joan to Jones. As an addition to the great voice Salena offers feeling, stage experience and emotions, and fills up her songs with all of them. Ballads With LUV remastered in JVC's studios using K2HD process had been originally recorded on an analog tape. Producer, Mr Winston Ma by comparing effects of his work with the sound of vinyl record was able to improve his work until satisfying level was reached. Today he says he prefers his digital version …


The sound is very rich and intimate. Salena's voice is slightly turned up just as it was ran through microphone tube preamplifier. The reverberation has been added but than really nicely integrated with the instruments, creating coherent, comprehensive sound. Up and low ends remind me of the recordings from seventies – resolution of the sound is not a good as of the contemporary recordings, and an accent in lower end is placed in middle bass. It is how it is done. Taking that into consideration this particular version is simply outstanding. Everything is in its place, and even parts recorded separately and added here melt into the recording so well that you won't recognize them. K2HD process did a great job in exposing harmony, settling the sound down, still showing emotions, but not the poor ones coming from the flaws of our system or flaws of digital medium, but only those good ones coming from the music. Sound planes are focused mostly in the front, but instruments have a deep timbre, thus sounding three-dimensional and rich. Nice play, jazz (not only) standards sang with strong, slightly hoarse voice.

Sound quality: 9-10/10

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