Blue Note/EMI Music Portugal
Date of issue: 30 October 2006
Carrier: CD

Track listing:

1. Enfim Day Dream)
2. Decide La (I'm Beginning To See The Light)
3. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
4. I'm All Smiles
5. In A Sentimental Mood
6. Alma Confusa (Azure)
7. Jogral
8. Cancao De Embalar
9. Luiza
10. How I Wish
11. Day Dream

Jacinta - vocal
James Weidman - piano
Matt Brewer - double bass
Rodney Green - drums & percussion
Greg Osby - soprano sax

Day Dream of the Portugal jazz singer Jacinta is her second album, after a disc with blues pieces. On the new disc Jacinta presents songs of the jazz classics from the American continent - among others pieces from Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Herbert Martin, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Thelenious Monk. The CD was produced by Greg Osby, a known American saxophonist, jazzmen. Although the name of the vocalist from the beautiful Portugal sounds similar to Jacintha, recording for years for the American publisher Groove Note, this are in reality two different worlds. I have the feeling, that Jacintha fell in the trap of "audiophilism", where the sound "candy"counts more, slow songs, where you can place a triangle with a reverb that sounds for 2 minutes, the percussion whisks murmur in a soporific way, and similar. On the disc of Jacinta (without the "h") we have a refreshing amount of real music, presented in a very good, balanced way. The sound is very suggestive - the cymbals have a resonant, a bit "atmospheric" character, they murmur, but also hit when it is necessary. They lack a bit "substance", heaviness, but this is really a small shortcoming. The voice is presented nicely, but without a special resolution - here the recordings of Jacintha, although not without problems, show the vocalist in a clearer, more natural way. On the disc Day Dream it can be heard, that the vocal was a bit too compressed. It comes exactly from the middle, and lacks some "breath". And, as the sound of the contrabass shows, it is possible to record the sound in a natural way, coming from many sides, and not condensed in one point. The timbre of this instrument is a bit too hard, in reality the contrabass sounds in a bit softer way, without a clear center. Sound presented in the mentioned way will seem better to the audiophiles. Some kind of precognitions how it could sound is given by the cymbals. This is not an audiophile recording, but it keeps a high, good level, and brings much good music.

Sound quality: 7-8/10


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